Maggi Miller: handmade paper from Austin, Texas

I make my own paper, integrating dried plants and occasionally a scrap of a photograph, a piece of ribbon, or some other fine material. I use this paper to create collages, some of which are pictorial and some of which are abstract.

The concept of an artist "freeing" a sculpture from a piece of marble has long intrigued me. It informs my thinking as I work with my paper. Even when I set out to make paper that will allow me to realize a particular image, I alter my plans if the paper presents itself to me as better used in a different way. My images are generally two-dimensional, but the varying textures of the paper create a sort of mysterious three-dimensional tension that leads viewers to want to explore by touching.

Although I continue to make paper and create collages, I have completed a new project: a children's book! It's my story and my illustrations. Click on "My Book" to learn more about it.

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